Tiny Tottles is a music app for both kids and adults. Classical Scandinavian lullabies, gently played on piano accompanied by calming animated illustrations.

The Tiny Tottles app helps you and your child calming down to sleep. Listen to the music, watch the subtle animations, sing to or with your child for a while. Regardless of how you, or your child, choose to use the app, we hope for you to have a nice and peaceful time.

As parents, we were searching for a calm app with delicate music for our child. We wished for an app where the characters and the music played the main roles. An app where the expression tickled the imagination both for adults and children. The Tiny Tottles were born out of that wish, it started out as something for our own child, something for us, but grew to the world that we now are able to share with you.

The music contains of nine classical, Scandinavian lullabies. All arranged, played and recorded by Daniel Lervik. No matter if you want to sing along or just enjoy listening, the music will make a nice and calm framing of the moment.

The characters and the animated illustrations are created by Josefin Klintberg. The Tiny Tottles are a tiny folk rarely seen, even though they live all amongst us. In the Tiny Tottles app we meet three of the Tottles; Claire, Albert and Ellen. Through subtle animations the illustrations come alive, they catch the attention without requiring it and is therefore suitable when it’s time to go to bed.

If you have questions, comments or need help with anything regarding the app, the usage, or if you simply just want to reach out to say hi you are more then welcome to contact us at hello@tinytottles.com!

We care a lot about the personal integrity when it comes to apps, especially regarding our children. You, as parent, can feel safe when downloading the Tiny Tottles app, it will never contain any links or advertisements nor will it collect any sensitive personal data from its users! If you want to read more about this you are welcome to read all about it in our Privacy Policy.